Sigmund Freud University Vienna - Paris (SFU)

Sigmund Freud University is a unique institution that pioneered Psychotherapy Science as an academic degree. We seek to set new standards for research and teaching in Psychotherapy by emphasizing research activities, practical training, and academic exchange among the different psychotherapy schools.

Psychotherapy goes back a long way in history. It has been practiced for thousands of years by shamans and other healers as well as by priests and physicians who have offered their help to people struggling with existential crises, anxieties, depression and psychosomatic disorders.

Modern scientific psychotherapy dates back approximately 300 years, and for the past 100 years or so efforts to conceptualize it have been intensified, with Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) at the forefront. He was the first to make great strides in exploring the inner workings of the human soul, and in doing so has made a large contribution to understanding modern human behaviour. Freud’s achievements still have an effect on both his supporters and adversaries, and it is his approach to research which we would like to take as our model.

Since the time of Freud, psychotherapy has witnessed the emergence of a vast array of new methods and innovations. In addition, important common features among the various therapeutic approaches have been ascertained. Moreover, thousands of studies have proven the effectiveness of psychotherapeutic treatment.

Over the past 20 years, worldwide efforts have focused on establishing psychotherapy as a research discipline and profession in its own right. In this endeavour, the developments in Austria have played an important role, considering the fact that the Austrian Parliament passed the first Psychotherapy Law in 1990. This law establishes psychotherapy as an independent profession it its own right and regulates a standardized, scientific-based psychotherapy training. What has been missing so far, however, is its incorporation into an academic setting, in terms of training as well as in terms of research.

SFU has recognized the necessity of providing psychotherapeutic training within the scope of a university education. It offers a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in the science of psychotherapy as well as an extensive conceptualization of research activities.

For the first time worldwide, SFU combines three basic principles of psychotherapy training: self-awareness, practical training under supervision and theoretical input. It sets an example in demonstrating that a university’s responsibilities are not limited to teaching theory, sometimes paired with action-oriented know-how, but also involve giving students a wide range of options for personal development.

SFU adopts the same approach with regard to psychotherapy research, as it not only aims to collect objective data but relate scientific information to the individual in their particular situation in life. In view of the fact that significant progress has been made in the field of evidenced-based psychotherapy research over the past few decades it is of utmost importance to us to link research activities with the daily practice of psychotherapists. We are convinced that the mutual benefits derived from such a two-way learning model serve to increase the quality of research and, as a consequence, lead to more effective psychotherapeutic treatment.

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Sigmund Freud University Vienna - Paris

Melanie Müller-Hörnstein, BA
Rectorate Assistant

Tel: +43 (0)1 798 40 98
Fax: +43 (0)1 798 40 98 / 20

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International Journal of Psychotherapy (IJP)

For further information please go to the website of the International Journal of Psychotherapy (IJP):

The IJP is a peer-reviewed, scientific journal; it is published three times a year in March, July and November, by the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP).


World Journal for Psychotherapy


World Council for Psychotherapy

World Council for Psychotherapy

WCP - Head Office
Freudplatz 1
A-1020 Vienna


Vienna Declaration dated 6th of December 2014 „Crisis in the Ukraine - psychotherapeutic approaches“


We, the below signing professionals, participants in the  Conference “Crisis in Ukraine-psychotherapeutic approaches” want to declare :  Psychotherapy  is aimed to help people to regain psychological wellbeing and  restore mental health. Our work is guided by strong ethical guidelines, that are based on human rights and not subdued to political ideology or belief systems. We support our colleague psychotherapists in their on going work where ever this takes place.  Under no circumstances our work must be used in favour of any war, whether in its preparation or  contributing to on going processes of military actions.

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List of Supporters:

Acker Francine, France
Antonissen Dirk, Belgium
Anton-Boicuk Lisa, Germany
Aknin Nicole, France
Agostini Orsolina, Italy
Andreou Eugenia, Cyprus
Avila-Rauch Celia, Germany
Adomaitis Ray, USA

Berger Wolfgang, Austria
Beyer Carmen, Romania
Brookhouse Shaun, United Kingdom
Becker-Drakulic Zorica, Serbia
Belska Alla, Ukraine
Berzel Stefan, Germany
Bogatska Olena, Ukraine
Bonnici (Stilon de Piro) Nadine, Malta
Brauns Manfred, Germany
Brezavscek Mojca, Slovenia
Burkart Spillmann Silvia, Switzerland
Benedek Laszlo, Hungary 
Bonda Larysa 
Borcsa Maria, Germany
Brode Kristina, Germany
Budrina Iris, Romania
Bohak Janko, Slovenia
Bakker Janna, Netherlands
Bader Regina, Austria
Badurina Mirela, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Butorac Danko, Croatia
Bellicaud Stoll Danielle, France
Bannikova Zhanna, Ukraine
Bayerl Barbara, Germany
Bosko Valentyna, Ukraine
Brejlová Dagmar, Czech Republic
Becerril Maillefert Carolina, France
Böhm Annette, Germany
Burnand Agnes, France
Beringer Andrea, Austria
Blümel Ferenc, Hungary
Brinkmeier Ulrich, Germany
Brinkmeier Susanne, Germany
Balomenou Vicky, Cyprus
Barrett Eve, Ireland
Berger Gabriele, Austria
Birk-Becht Roswitha, Germany
Bitere Agrita, Latvia
Blin Bernadette, France
Borysiuk Svetlana, Ukraine
Brouillet Michel, France
Bertok Martin, Slovenia
Brochmann Ellen, Norway
Baumann Andrea, Germany
Bender Susanne, Germany
Bold-Thum Harald, Germany
Begoyan Arman, Armenia

Chelemen Mariana Minodora, Romania
Cayeux Brigitte, Mauritius
Coolen Janneke, Belgium
Casterman Martine, Belgium
Centa Ksenija, Slovenia
Crommar Claudine, Belgium
Cesko Enver, Kosova
Cameron Roderick, Cyprus
Clancy Marie Veronique, France
Castilho Jose, Ireland
Collande Cornelius, Germany
Csaszar-Nagy Noemi, Hungary
Chardon Paul, Netherlands
Cambosie Augustin, Romania
Correia Teresa, Portugal
Charvátová Markéta, Czech Republic
Calinaud Sandrine, France
Cocheteux Pierre, France
Cechnicki Andrzej, Poland
Canouii Pierre, France
Collet-Cassart Daniel, Belgium

Demi Neli, Albania
Drewnowska Alicja, Poland
Deutsch-Stix Gertrud, Austria
Daßbach-Breuer Volker, Germany
Denona Ines, Croatia
Dombrovsky Arthur (Dr.), Lativa
Dollinger Marietta, Germany
Dragan Vasiloski, Norway
Duduchava Manana, Georgia
Dyman Victor, Ukraine
Dehbozorgi Shahram, Iran
Duvignac Pascal, France Ile de la Reunion
Dolynska Kateryna, Ukraine 
Duras Robert, Croatia
DiMarino Jean, Italy and USA
Dixon Anne Maria, Ireland
Dillon Noel, Ireland
De Fré Inge, Belgium
Daugelavicius Marius, Lithuania
Dionysia Michali, Greece
Dietz Katharina, Germany

Eickmeyer Beate, Germany
Edthofer Jutta, Austria
Eisentraut Ulrike, Germany

Filatova Alexandra 
Filts Alexander, Ukraine
Fitzgerald Barbara, Ireland
Florent Marie-José, France
Francois Nicoleau, France
Flament-Schedl Anna, Austria
Filomena Samuele, United Kingdom
Flamernt-Schedl Anna, Austria
Fries Ellena, United Kingdom
Francesetti Gianni, Italy
Furlani Metka, Slovenia
Flajs Tomaz, Slovenia
Fitzsimons Kathleen
Formisano Luigi, Italy-United Kingdom
Frydenberg Hans Petter, Norway
Fähndrich Michael, Germany
Fischbacher Martina, Austria
Farah Adnan, Bahrain

Gasparato Michèle, France
Gawlowska Ewa, Poland
Gabriel Barbara, Austria
Georg Gisela, Germany
Gaban Vasile, Romania
Gandiol Christian, France
Giangrande Roberta, Italy
Girardet Christian, Belgium
Grossmann Margit, Germany
Gusmao Gomes Joaquim, Portugal
Gasbarro Claudia Romana, Italy
Göncz Kinga, Hungary
Gudima Larissa, Russia
Gentelet Bernard, France
Georgiou Maria, Cyprus
Gibson Padraic, Ireland
Georgiou Philip, Italy
Godlewicz Béatrice, Belgium
Galea Catherine, Malta
Gianinazzi Nicola, Switzerland
Gunther Claire, Germany

Hagenbüchler Herbert, Austria
Hanchen Thomas, United Kingdom
Huysse-Gaytandjeva Anna, Netherlands
Hücker Franz-Josef, Germany
Höhmann-Kost Annette, Germany
Hofkirchner Wolfgang, Austria
Hoekstra Pieter, Netherlands
Hinrichs Heiko, Germany
Hinrichs Antje, Germany
Hardy Julia, Hungary
Hofler-Resch Susanne, Austria
Harmatta Janos, Hungary
Horst Marianne, Denmark
Haberkorn Lisa, Austria
Hadek Milena, Germany
Hilliard Mary, Ireland
Hoffmann Malou, Luxembourg
Huber Antonia, Germany

Ivanova Elena, Russia
Igumnov Sergy, Belarus
Iossifova Tzvetelina, Bulgaria
Iossifides Anna Marina, Greece

Jarmosh Olga, Russia
Janssen Wasilie, Netherlands
Jackson Ben, Germany
Janečková Barbora, Czech Republic
Jacq Jean-Philippe, France
Judge Jimmy, Ireland
Jagacic Nola Sanja, Croatia
Jobelin Jean-Marie, France
Javourez Jean-Michel, France

Kalashnik Tatiana, Ukraine
Kechur Roman, Ukraine
Kreuz Annette, Spain
Krukovskiy Paul, Russia
Kurbala Oleksandra, Ukraine
Kamps  Gradus, Netherlands
Kárászová Katarína, Slovakia
Katzensteiner Michael (Dr.), Austria
Korman Sharon, France
Kuipers F.H., Netherlands
Krieger Kelly, Netherlands
Koolen Hans, The Netherlands
Kachalko Arnold, Belarus
Kaae Karen, Denmark
Kastner Evelyn, Germany
Koznar Jan, Czech Republic
Köditz Michael, Germany
Knobel Freud Joseph, Spain
Kooyman Martien, Netherlands
Kadetova Ekaterina, Russia
Keatney Philip, Ireland
Kyrychenko Svitlana, Ukraine
Kyrychenko Valerii, Ukraine
Karban Barbara, United Kingdom
Kern Christian, Germany
Kovács Miklós, Hungary
Kutschera Ilse, Germany
Kiesinger Wolfgang, Germany
Kaszycka Daria, Poland
Klein Petra, Germany
Kresten Kay, Denmark
Kukla Christine, Germany

Lebedeva Natalia, Russia
Labandowsky Cornelia, Germany
Larcher Reinhard (Prof. Dr.), Austria
Lamatsch Judith, Austria
Laurinaitis Eugenijus, Lithuania
Lazos Gelena, Ukraine
Lepihova Juliya, Belarus
Levesque Moriniere Francoise, France
Listopad Tatjana, Estonia
Lukin Vladislav, Russia
Lukina Olga, Russia
Lumsden Rieder Maria, Switzerland
Lassonczyk Odette, Germany
Leuterer Ulrike, Germany
Little Pauline, Ireland
Lomb Norbert, Germany
Lojk Bosiljka, Slovenia
Leeb Annemarie, Austria
Levesque Francoise, France

Makarov Victor, Russia
Makarova Ekaterina, Russia
Maksymenko Sergey, Ukraine
Maksimov Anton, Latvia
Mariotti Mauro, Italy
Matissek Sandra, Germany
Madison Gregory (Dr.), United Kingdom
Martani Valquiria, Italy
Masquelier Gonzague, France
Masson Bettina, France
Mauder Johann, Austria
Meyer-Gerlach Christa, Germany
Moran Marion, Ireland
Mozina Miran, Slovenia
Murray Denis, Ireland
Müller-Schwefe Rudolf, Germany
Medynska Yuliya, Ukraine
Mizinova Tatyana, Russia
Mkretchian Olha, Ukraine
Molodorych Andrii, Ukraine
Murashov Sergey, Russia
Murphy Mairead 
Myronenko Alexander, Ukraine
Morisch Ute, Germany
Markovich Darko, Serbia
Martinez-Falero del Pozo Miguel, Spain
Mahmutovic Edina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Michaelsen Hans Christian, Norway
Miskulin Inka, Croatia
Mochart Hanna, Germany
Moretto Regina, Italy
Melief Olga, Netherlands
Maasch Angelika, Germany
Moja-Strasser Lucia, France
Marivoet Dirk, Belgium
Meulmeester Frans, Netherlands

Nalyvaiko Natalia, Ukraine
Nicolay Lucien, Luxembourg
Nowlan Kate, United Kingdom
Nikolajewna Krukovskaya Antionia, Ukraine
Nielsen Nandana, Germany
Nicoleau Francois, France
Niedzwiecka Monika, Poland
Nolan Anita, Ireland
Nath-Tumpachova Nadezda

Obuchov-Kosarovitsky Jakov, Russia
O´Connor Lucy, Ireland/Germany
O´Sullivan-Sanford Marych, Ireland
Otenko Svetlana, Ukraine
Ovcharek Kateryna, Ukraine
Oppl Michel, Germany
Ondrisova Sylvia, Slovakia
Ostaszewska Anna, Poland

Pratscher Judith, Austria
Petry Iris, Germany
Pantic Zdenka, Croatia
Pogorilyy Volodymyr, Ukraine
Pritz Alfred, Austria
Putniece Inese, Latvia
Pysarenko Tatiana, Ukraine
Perucchi Lorenzo, Switzerland
Piatakhina Gire Anastassia, Spain
Pitzal Werner, Austria
Picard Marie, France
Putniece Inese, Latvia
Popic Ivan, Croatia
Pieters Olga, Netherlands
Psalti Evi, Greece
Pieritz Rainer, Germany
Palčič Bubnič Mirjana, Slovenia
Plat Elly, Netherlands
Polychroni Kyriaki, Greece
Pisante Marilyn, Greece
Priputnevich Denis N, Russia
Philippou Gabriella, Cyprus
Perrotta Leandra Maria, Italy

Radica Sanja, Croatia
Rigaud L´une (Lynne), France
Rommel Marta, Poland
Reshetnikov Mikhail, Russia
Reutlingshöfer Maurice, Germany
Rieder Alexander, Austria
Renner Daniela, Austria
Rodina Kateryna, Ukraine
Ritter Siegfried, Germany
Rademaker Jan, Netherlands
Regan Deirdre, Ireland
Ryan Mary B., Ireland
Röder-Debus Ilse, Germany
Rijavec Jana, Slovenia
Ricka-Zauhar Zrinka, Croatia
Rupp Judith, Austria

Samsonova  Lyudmyla, Ukraine
Schulthess Peter, Switzerland
Scanlan Celia, Scotland
Schellinski Kristina, Switzerland
Schiltz Lony, Luxembourg
Silbermayr Ernst, Austria
Spiller Eva-Maria, Germany
Stahlmann Katharina, Germany
Stabingis Ansis Jurgis, Lativa
Stekelbos Thea, Nederland
Stermenska Julia, Slovakia
Sweeney Brion, Ireland & Scotland
Shalamova Natalia, Ukraine
Shorrock Matthew, UK/Austria
Silbermayr Ernst, Austira
Slavkovic Ivana, Serbia
Söllner Ina, Austria
Stelzhammer Willi, Austria
Stupak Olena, Ukraine
Szyszkowitz Traudl, Austria
Spinder Nelleke, Netherlands
Spagnuolo Lobb Margherita, Italy
Steinecke Gisela, Germany
Savage Peter J D, United Kingdom
Schuetz Peter, Austria
Sopkova Maria, Slovakia
Sotos Michael, Cyprus
Samuels Andrew, United Kingdom
Schneider Uwe, Germany
Schreckenberg Ute, Germany
Sorstein Philippe, France
Schwaier Eva-Maria, Germany
Shahram - Dehbozorgi, Iran
Schlitz Lony, Luxembourg
Staring Ray, Netherlands
Schrader Cornelia, Germany
Szépfalusi-Eibel Klaudia, Austria
Spokoinyi Natalia, Germany
Schneider Tanja, Germany
Salama Valérie, France
Schillat Zoe, Greece
Stegmaier Anna-Maria, Germany
Shershneva Tatjanna, Russia
Tereshchenko Nataliya, Ukraine
Tachker Brun Francoise, France
Tereshchenko Natalia, Ukraine
Tolstoukhov Anatolii, Ukraine
Tompakova Ella, Russia/Germany
Tompakova Evgenia 
Tretyak Alexander, Ukraine
Tumgoeva Aza, Russia
Turchenko Nina, Russia
Terzic Ajla, Bosnia Herzegovina
Tahsini Izela, Albania
Tsounaki Malvina, Greece
Tobien Nicole, Germany
Trodler Karin, Germany
Tkachuk Dmytro, Ukraine

Ucros Claudia, Belgium
Unterweger Eva, Austria
Uvarova Svetlana, Ukraine
Ullrich Dietmar, Germany

Van Geest Marijke, Netherlands
Van Haeringen Riek, Netherlands
Veski Epp, Estonia
Vargovic Zoran, Croatia
Von Kirchbach Godela, Austria
Vauthier Michael, France
Van Deile Moniek, Belgium
Vovko Elizabeta, Slovenia
Viala Gérard, France
Van den Bosch Bruno, Belgium
Vercauteren Lieven, Belgium
Van Beuzekom Paul, Netherlands
Van Dusseldorp Michelle, Netherlands
Van Rijn Trees (Theresia M.M.), Netherlands
Vaux Claude, France
Vracic Ivan, Croatia
Verdu Eduardu, Norway
Veneka Marina, Greece

Warnecke Tom, United Kingdom
Whyte Monica, Ireland
Wake Lisa, United Kingdom
Wallnöfer Heinrich, Österreich
Werringloer Richard, Germany
Witt-Heinze Monika, Germany
Woollett Katie, Ireland
Webb Diane, France
Wolf Jutta Barbara, Germany
Woronowicz Sylwia, Poland
Wendorff Alexandra, Lebanon
Wieja Ursula, Spain
Wasik-Sibrecht Malgorzata, Poland
Weber Thomas, Austria

Yelisyeyv Vitaliy, Russia
Young Anita, Ireland
Young Courtenay, Scotland, United Kingdom

Zijp Sonja, Netherlands
Zupančič Radovan, Slovenia
Zoric Sandra, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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List of JCP-Holders (Japanese Certificate for Psychotherapy)

Last nameFirst NameTitle
NishimuraRyojiDr. Prof.
SakutaTsutomuDr. Prof.

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