European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP)

For receiving an ECP, a psychotherapist has to fulfil a set of criteria concerning the level of training, supervision and practice.

There are two possible ways to apply, one way is the Direct Award (DA) through European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institutes (EAPTIs), and the other way is by grandparenting (through EWAOs or through the GAP):

1. through direct award (DA):
Students who completed full psychotherapy training in a European Accredited Training Institute (EAPTI) are entitled to apply directly for an ECP after graduation. All EAPTIs have been thoroughly checked by the Training Accreditation Committee (TAC) before their acceptance. They have to prove that their training program brings students up to ECP level. This is why the application procedure for graduates from EAPTIs involves less administration on the part of the EAP.

2. through grandparenting:                                                                                                    
For established psychotherapists who have previously completed a proper psychotherapy training (or equivalent) and have had a professional psychotherapeutic practice for at least 3 years after their graduation. For ECP through grandparenting psychotherapists can apply through their relevant National Awarding Organisation (NAO). This application procedure is suitable for psychotherapists who are trained in and practice in a modality accepted by the EAP and represented in EAP by EWAO. 

3. through the Grandparenting Advisory Panel (GAP):
The GAP meets three times a year and is processing the files for the modalities that are not represented by EWAOs in EAP. In other words all applications from psychotherapists that practice in a modality for which there is no EWAO in EAP, are dealt with in this GAP committee. These applications are also administered and presented by the relevant NAO.


For applicants: Detailed information and a checklist for applications can be found under point European Certificate of Psychotherapy.

All ECP holders are listed in the European Register of ECP holders (ECP-R). This tool published on the EAP website enables the search for qualified practitioners all over Europe.

ECP holders receive information about the development of psychotherapy in Europe by e-mail. They may attend the EAP Board meetings as observers but have no voting rights.

For the administration and maintenance of the EAP website and the ECP-R, ECP holders pay an annual registration fee. The amount varies according to the origin of 


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