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Entry 263
14.12.2012 20:03:02

Dr. Bitea Visarion Vasile ,MD(


Best Regards, V V Bitea ,destinologist


Entry 262
29.11.2012 13:12:47

Vasile Bitea Visarion, MD

I created The Human Destinoscope ,first scientifical

classification ,of human destinies.:

Best Regards, V V Bitea,MD ,destinologist /UE

Entry 261
29.11.2012 05:39:06

Dr.Visarion Vasile Bitea ,MD,destinologist

Happpy Birthday !,for 31.10.2012,for Honor Prof.dr.

Alfred Pritz.,Rektor of S.Freud Univers.Vienna-Paris

V V Bitea,MD


Entry 260
10.10.2012 16:15:52


United Kingdom
I enjoy the more straight forward text only driven approach. Thankfully this text wasn’t marred by whizzy web designer's tools that delay you getting to the core info.
30 yrs ago I couldn't afford to a study at UCLA to do my dance therapy MA so I just integrated drama & movement education into most of my UK project work thereafter.
It’s only now that I’m getting round to more formal post grad training, although the costs are still extremely prohibitive.

I plan to continue to use my own devised drama movement & music therapy tools.
I use integrative approaches across several arts and play media. I use physical education too. This has been with young people in schools & adults in large firms.
I particularly found working Chinese senior corporate executives beneficial.
I’m keen to do more of this as an individual, & so I formed “PE Mate”. We’re open to approaches by Chinese Corporations as well s UK ones. At “PE Mate” we’re very keen to touch base with those that may want to share our ways of doing things.

We have 3 projects that we wish to explore.

1) London & Home Counties. We invite like minded professionally qualified arts & PE orientated therapists to consider joining us at PE MATE. We’re trying to form a list of fully qualified professionals that may be called upon for education linked therapy, mostly in schools & colleges, but later on possibly in some work place environments & hospitals too.

2) London & China. We invite all those interested in music and therapy, to form a list of bands or potential band members that may be willing to tour factories, other work places and perhaps prisons too. Our primary music genre is jazz, together with “funk like” mixtures of salsa & jazz. There may be some room in our project for classical western operatic extracts too, at a later stage. The operatic classical music would be used by way of contrast & thereby reach greater number of people who could benefit from the therapeutic effect. Planned short

Entry 259
29.03.2012 10:03:51

Elena Konstantinou

Excellent information! Often, countries do not cover a law for psychotherapists, which leaves them exposed. EAP's existence is quite essential.

Entry 258
17.03.2012 00:45:06

Arber Zeka

I need to know more about the licensing criteria

Entry 257
15.01.2012 19:48:26

Ljiljana Bastaic


Entry 256
14.01.2012 00:36:22

Carolina Becerril

Is the first time that I come to the website.
Is great to feel that we take part of a community as psychotherapist.
I would like to know if there are other Morenien Psychodramatist. I insist Morenien because leaving and teaching psychodrama in Paris. I can tell you that the psychoanalytic psychodrama is more practiced than the J.L.Moreno. is hard to take a place. Is the same problem in other European countries?

Entry 255
14.11.2011 15:30:55

Fabricio Veiga de Castro

The website is very good.

I think the content could be also translated to another languages.


Entry 254
16.09.2011 16:06:55

Gurpreet Singh

hii.. i m studiung masters in socialogy ist year,,,,...these days we studing sigmund freud thoery of stages of human life.......ithats very intersting theory future can i do mfill in that topic from that university ...??

Entry 253
26.06.2011 19:57:24

nurlinda gonzalez hernandez

Me mantiene informada sobre eventos de formacionen psicoterapia, e intercambios de ideas, casos y posibilidades de contacto. posibilidades de intercambio.

Entry 252
06.06.2011 11:14:54

Malgorzata Wasik-Sibrecht

Psychotherapy in english Poznań.
My journey with psychology started in 1988. Since that time I graduated with an MA (1993) and have done post graduate studies both in psychology and education. I have supervised a clinical practice since 1996, having great pleasure to work with women, families and teenagers. I am mainly concerned with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, psychosomatic problems, marital conflicts, parental advising and career counseling. I belong to the Association of Christian Psychologists (ACP) in Poland.
You can e-mail me at
My office is located in the Rataje district of Poznan.

Entry 251
30.05.2011 06:39:11

Brian G. corebri

My wife & I do body centered couples work - great to find your site.

Entry 250
26.02.2011 18:12:52


Finalmente un sito di riferimento molto importante...grazie....

Entry 249
08.02.2011 15:40:09

Anna von Bach

I really like that I have some possibility to contact Association because I am really very interested in the world certificate, I like the idea of commitment to gain accreditation but I has missed answer on my questions which I have sent to Association by e-mail address. Would be very nice to communicate online on this internet site and exchange the information.

Entry 248
21.01.2011 16:48:35

kalianiotou amalia

Hello Happy New Year 2011 to everybody.

Entry 247
05.01.2011 08:55:39

Dr.B V V,MD,Psychotherapist,Destinologist

I created scientific destinology(

in 2005,and desire to open in Vienna, a off

Entry 246
05.01.2011 08:46:03

Dr.Bitea Visarion Vasile ,MD-Destinologist


Please, HELP FOR ME ,TO OPEN,in your's country,

adestinological office

Entry 245
21.12.2010 20:57:25

Dr.B V V,MD,Psychotherapist,Destinologist

I desire to do conferences in Vienna,about :

-Real destinological pdychootherapy


Entry 244
20.12.2010 05:49:07

Dr.B V V,MD,Psychotherapist,Destinologist


Real destinological Psychotherapy(1999)


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