A message from newly elected EAP President Irena Bezic, PhD

March 29, 2023

Dear EAP Members, dear Visitors,

Psychotherapy is a growing profession of our time. There are crisis all around the world, people are moving from old safety to new uncertainty, old values are changing and orientation in this endangered world is scarce. Psychotherapy is offering support for mental issues arising from existential fear, distress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and other very common mental states.

European psychotherapists are also a part of these developments and events. The European Association for Psychotherapy is an organization which provides a platform for European psychotherapists to promote better recognition of our profession in Europe, to improve the quality standards of psychotherapy trainings in all of Europe, and to facilitate mutual support within our diverse field.

The challenge of the time is to stay connected, in spite of all the issues we face in the 43 European countries represented within EAP, countries with varying psychotherapy regulations, varying traditions, national agendas and cultural communication styles. The psychotherapy profession may contribute with enhancing contact and facilitating constructive communication even in the present chaotic world. My aim will be to strengthen cooperation between psychotherapists in European countries, and to find alternatives to fragmentation, withdrawal and isolation, in the context of challenges and political crisis across Europe.

Irena Bezic, March 2023