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Definition of the profession of Psychotherapy

Appendix 1 to the Board Minutes, Siracuse 17th to 18th of October 2003

(1) The practice of psychotherapy is the comprehensive, conscious and planned treatment of psychosocial, psychosomatic and behavioural disturbances or states of suffering with scientific psychotherapeutic methods, through an interaction between one or more persons being treated, and one or more psychotherapists, with the aim of relieving disturbing attitudes to change, and to promote the maturation, development and health of the treated person. It requires both a general and a specific training/education.
(2) The independent practice of psychotherapy consists of autonomous, responsible enactment of the capacities described in paragraph 1; independent of whether the activity is in free practice or institutional work: (see 1)

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EAPs 20th anniversary & farewell Serge Ginger (Registrar) and Regina Hilbert (Treasurer)

The EAP Board meetings in Vienna on February 18th and 19th, 2011 were not only dedicated to hard work and intensive discussions but also to celebrations and good-byes.

Serge Ginger who held the post of EAP Registrar for ten years decided to resign from this office. During his term of office he carefully checked and signed more than 5.000 ECP applications from 54 different countries. The Registrar’s position involves daily correspondence with the head office and representatives and a tremendous amount of work. Serge Ginger did this job with great success and passion. For several years Serge worked closely together with Ivana Slavkovic who will assume the position this year.

The EAP Treasurer Regina Hilbert who was elected at the AGM in Vilnius in 2005 also resigned. In her term of office she succeeded to improve the EAP´s financial situation remarkably. She was always keen on making financial transactions and the EAP budget transparent for the EAP Board and all EAP members. Her successor Alexander Rieder who holds a degree in International Business Administration will continue with this policy.

Besides these two farewells leaving the EAP Board members in a little sentimental atmosphere it was time to celebrate EAP´s 20th anniversary. 

If you like to view some photos from the EAP anniversary and farewell celebrations, you will find a collection of professional photos on this website:


The European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) was founded in June 1991.
According to the EAP Statutes § 2.1 „It is a non-profit organisation that aims to unite psychotherapy organisations into a common association, and organises individual psychotherapists of different orientations in Europe“. This international orientation and multi-cultural spirit could be very closely experienced at the visit of a typical Viennese „Heuriger“ on Friday evening. More than 80 psychotherapists discussed, enjoyed themselves together and listened to a favorite Viennese singer.

At the Annual General Meeting on Saturday Adrian Rhodes from United Kingdom was unanimously elected as the new EAP president. He will officially assume this position from Rodolfo de Bernart from Italy in summer 2011. Eugenijus Laurinaitis from Lithuania was elected as incoming Vice-president.


EAP Presidents from 1991 - 2017

1991/1992 Janos Harmatta, Hungary
1992/1993 Mr. Meyer, Germany
1993/1994 Ken Evans, United Kingdom
1994/1995 Ernst Spengler, Switzerland
1995/1996 Heiner Bartuska, Austria
1996/1997 Riccardo Zerbetto, Italy
1997/1998 Michel Meignant, France
1998/1999 Willy Szafran, Belgium
1999/2000 Ed McHale, Ireland
2000/2001 Victor Makarov, Russia
2001-2003 Cornelia Krause Girth, Germany
2003-2005 Paul Boyesen, France
2005-2007 Alexander Filts, Ukraine
2007-2009 Mony Elkaïm, Belgium
2009-2011 Rodolfo de Bernart, Italy
2011-2013 Adrian M. Rhodes, United Kingdom
2013-2015 Eugenijus Laurinaitis, Lithuania 
2015-2017 Celia Scanlan, Scotland-UK
2017-2018 Philippe Vrancken, Belgium (resigned on May 4th, 2018)
=> President Elect Charles Cassar became Acting President according to Statutes
May 5th, 2018 – 2019 Acting President Charles Cassar
2019 – 2021 Charles Cassar


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