EAPTI - European Accreditation Professional Training Institute

The European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) awards the “European Certificate of Psychotherapy” (ECP), as part of its initiative for quality control of psychotherapy in Europe.

The European Association for Psychotherapy invites you to take part in this quality control programme as an EAP certified training institute. Your training institute is then entitled to the following:

1. to call itself an "European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institute (EAPTI)" and to use this title in all public business dealings;
2. to conclude your candidates' training with the guarantee that they are entitled to be awarded the ECP in accordance with the formal examination carried out by the EAP and its constituent bodies;
3. to appear on the EAP's website as a “European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institute (EAPTI);
4. to present your institute's programme and activities on the website;
5. as a result of the close cooperation between the EAP and the World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP) you will have the opportunity to broadcast information about your training institute worldwide.

In this way a European quality standard will be created which is not only advantageous for your training institute with regard to European competition but also supports the development of psychotherapy in an international context.


How to apply to become an European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institute and
to receive an EAPTI certificate


EAPTI - Questionnaire for European Accreditation Professional Training Institutes


TAC Procedures - voted Vienna February 2017


TAC International Experts

Pool of International Experts of the TAC

Actually, as a guideline for nominations in the future it has been considered that the pool of experts should consist of:

6 permanent members of the TAC, appointed by the EAP Board,
(2 from head office, both 2 from EWOC and NUOC) and no more than:
3 experts from one modality
and 3 from each country

furthermore a supportive letter of the NAO/EWAO
and a detailed CV will be required:
ECP holder, experience as trainer, fluent English…

Permanent members of the TAC:
• Ivana Slavkovic – Chair - (Psychodrama/head office) ==> Serbia
• Celia Scanlan (psychodrama/EWOC) ==> UK
• Nevena Calovska-Herzog (family therapy/EWOC) ==> Serbia
• Irena Bezic (NUOC/Gestalt) ==> Croatia
• Joseph Knobel Freud (NUOC/psychoanalysis) ==> Spain
• Tom Warnecke (EAP head office/body psychotherapy) ==> UK

Elected experts nominated by NAOs and/or EWAOs:
• Isabelle Crespelle (TA) ==> France
• Elisabeth Kremer (person centered psychother.) ==> France
• Tan Nguyen (psychosynthesis) ==> France
• Tom Ormay (psychoanalysis) ==> Hungary
• Gianni Francesetti (Gestalt/NUOC) ==> Italy
• Alain Moenaert (NLPt) ==> Belgium
• Mark Widdowson (EATA) ==> United Kingdom
• Shaun Brookhouse (EAHP) ==> United Kingdom
• Ester Neumanova (EAGT) ==> Czech Republic
• Barbara Fitzgerald (ECPP/psychoanalysis) => Ireland
• Panos Asimakis (NOPG/integrative) => Greece
• Philippe Vrancken (EAIP/integrative) => Belgium
• Jerzy Dmuchowsky (EAIP /integrative) => Poland
• Joanna Hewitt-Evans (EAIP/integrative)  => UK
• Marina Banic (EATA/TA) => Serbia
• Slavica Gajdadzis-Knezevic (EFTA/family) => Macedonia
• Willi Roes (PCE Europe/person-centred) => Germany
• Janos Harmatta (psychoanalysis/psychodrama) ==> Hungary
• Charles Sasse (psychoanalysis/head office) ==> Belgium
• Enver Cesko (EABP/body psychotherapy) ==> Kosovo

Pool of Experts includes:  26 experts
from 15 different countries & 10 modalities.



ECP Direct Award (DA)

European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP)

For receiving an ECP, a psychotherapist has to fulfil a set of criteria concerning the level of training, supervision and practice.

There are two possible ways to apply, one way is the Direct Award (DA) through European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institutes (EAPTIs):  

Direct award (DA):
Students who completed full psychotherapy training in a European Accredited Training Institute (EAPTI) are entitled to apply directly for an ECP after graduation. All EAPTIs have been thoroughly checked by the Training Accreditation Committee (TAC) before their acceptance. They have to prove that their training program brings students up to ECP level. This is why the application procedure for graduates from EAPTIs involves less administration on the part of the EAP.

The other possible way is by grandparenting (through EWAOs or through the GAP) - please go to "ECP application forms by grandparenting".


EAPTI Re-accreditation (after 7 years)


Re-accreditation procedure of EAPTIs  

1) Re-accreditation process takes place after seven years from the accreditation.
The Head Office will inform the EAPTI in advance about the time of the reaccreditation (key date is the date of initial accreditation as EAPTI) as well as relevant NAO/EWAO. If NAO or EWAO objects to the re-accreditation of an EAPTI the TAC may invite a representative from the EAPTI to take part in TAC meeting and respond on EWAO’s or NAO’s remarks.

2) Each EAPTI that enters the re-accreditation procedure should fill in the Questionnaire for re-accreditation of EAPTIs, which should be sent to the EAP Head office, attn.: Daniela Renner, preferably by e-mail to eap.admin@europsyche.org or hard paper copy to the EAP Head office, Mariahilfer Straße 1d/3. Stock/Tür 13, 1060 Vienna - Austria  to be forwarded to the Registrar.

3) Registrar’s checks carefully the documents and if necessary asks for additional documents or clarification from EAPTI, after which Registrar comprise recommendation for re-accreditation to the TAC.

4) At each TAC meeting, TAC members discuss the reaccreditation and decide by majority of votes.

5.1) In the case of positive evaluation EAPTI is informed by the Head office about successful re-accreditation process.

5.2) In the case that TAC members do not vote for reaccreditation process due to: changes in the training program that are not in accordance with ECP training level or involvement of EAPTI in the ethical or legal problems that seriously compromise the functioning of EAPTI, the representative of EAPTI could be invited to attend the next TAC meeting.

5.2) After the meeting with EAPTI’s representative TAC members decide on acceptance of reaccreditation or withdrawal of EAPTI’s status or reaccrediting institute with certain conditions to be fulfilled within agreed and realistic period of time.

5.3) In the case of conditional reaccreditation Registrar follows the fulfilment of conditions while EAPTI regularly informs Registrar and TAC of the achieved progress. If conditions are achieved within the agreed time the conditional reaccreditation automatically becomes full reaccreditation.


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