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Situation of Psychotherapy in Romania - 2017:

There are two forums for psychotherapy in Romania:
The Romanian Psychotherapy Federation (FRP) and the College of Psychologists in Romania (CPR).

CPR was established in May 27, 2005.  Procedures for regulating the profession of psychologist in Romania were initiated by the Association of Psychologists in Romania.

The CPR enforces the implementation of Law 213/2004 on the exercise of the profession of psychologist with the right of free practice, the establishment, organization and functioning of the Romanian College of Psychologists

This law "deals exclusively with psychologists trained in the psychology departments... Those who will be assimilated will represent a very small number" (Normative acts-2005). According to Article 15 of the Methodological Norms of Law 213 (2) The competence in the field of psychotherapy can also be acquired by graduates of the faculties of general medicine (psychiatrists), social assistance, philosophy, pedagogy, theology, provided that the university studies are completed with a package of the specialized disciplines established by decision of the Steering Committee, as well as the complementary training according to the requirements of the present norms.

FRP was founded in 2001, being a successor of The Romanian Psychotherapy Association (ARP) established in 1992 and member of EAP since 1993.

Between 2001-2007, the FRP took steps for the draft of the psychotherapy law, a project that was rejected in Parliament. In this bill, the proposal was psychotherapy to be a profession.

FRP is the umbrella organization for professional psychotherapeutic organizations in Romania and has as objectives the respite and the implementation of the international training and practice standards established by the EAP.

At this time, most associations retain FRP membership.
Training in psychotherapy is done through training programs within the associations. Most associations are FRP members.

Both CPR and FRP accredit training programs. An important objective of FRP and CPR collaboration is adherence to international standards.

In fact, in Romania psychotherapy is considered by law a specialization of psychology.
According to the law of psychology no. 213, the term psychotherapist is psychologist psychotherapist in psychotherapy (practitioner, specialist and principal).

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National Representations - NUO/NAO


National Umbrella Organisation (NUO)
According to the EAP statutes a National Umbrella Organisation (NAO) has to be a psychotherapy organisation which represents the broadest range of differing psychotherapy approaches and contains the largest number of practitioners in that country. Organisational membership within the EAP is a prerequisite for the acceptance as NUO. Therefore the organisation must possess an accountable administrative structure (a constitution) that is compatible with the EAP Statutes and a written code of Ethics.

Once accepted NUOs have to nominate a representative to participate in the EAP Board meetings who has a vote in the National Umbrella Organisations Committee (NUOC) and the Board. Regular presence at the EAP Board meetings is highly appreciated.

NUOs have to re-apply every seven years to maintain their status.


National Awarding Organisation (NAO)
To become a National Awarding Organisation (NAO) a National Umbrella Organisation (NUO) has to demonstrate that its training and accrediting process is at least at the level of the European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP). In the application documents a future NAO has to provide clear disciplinary ans complaints prodedures and ethical guidelines. Both documents have to be binding on any practitioner which the NAO may recommend for the award of the ECP.

NAOs are responsible for the administration of ECP applications. Practitioners interested in the ECP will find detailed information about the application procedure on our website in the section European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP).

NAOs involved with ECP applications benefit financially: they receive a share of 30% of the total amount paid by the applicant. This amount varies depending on the origin of the application (Eastern or Western Europe).

NAOs have to re-apply every seven years to maintain their status.


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