Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is required for registration for the ECP. 

You are required to complete an average of 50 hours per annum of CPD (total of 250 hours over a period of the last 5 years). This CPD can be taken in the following forms:

a) Advanced or additional professional psychotherapy courses (Please list these, include detail of the provider (institute) and a synopsis of the course, and indicate the number of hours for each course on a separate sheet.)

b) Professional supervision for psychotherapy practice/clinical/group work and peer supervision (Please indicate this on a separate sheet with name of supervisor/institute, hours of supervision, and the total of number of hours).

c) Psychotherapy conference / symposium attendance (Please list title, date and organisation for each on a separate sheet and indicate number of hours of session time attended in each. Please attach copies of all conference attendance certificates).

d) Professional activities in psychotherapy. (Being elected to a Board or a Committee and attending meetings. Please indicate organisation, dates of committee/board meetings, and number of formal hours of each meeting.)

e) Participation in extra psychotherapy training as a supervisor/researcher/teacher.

Minimum 250 hours shall consist of no more than 75 hours from any one category.


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