Guidelines for “Multimodal” approach – requirements to be accepted as “multimodal” in GAP:

1) The total psychotherapy training meets all ECP criteria:
Minimum 1400 hours over the 4 years period distributed in the following elements:

a) Minimum 250 hours of self-experience (therapy)
b) 500 - 800 hours of theory and methodology
c) Minimum 300 hours of psychotherapeutic work with clients under supervision
d) Minimum 150 hours of supervision
e) Minimum 3 years of clinical experience as psychotherapist after the training had been completed 

2) Within minimum ECP requirement of 1400 hours, at least 2/3d of the training must be in modalities that are recognized by EAP as scientifically valid (15 questions).
Within minimum ECP requirement of 1400 hours, at least 1/3d of the training must be in one single scientifically valid EAP modality, with some supervision, personal therapy and practice in this modality.

3) In the ethos and tradition of grandparenting – exceptions are

“One year transitional period is applied to these rules, to be discontinued in February 2015 at the time of EAP Board Meetings in Vienna.”

European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP)  

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