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Report and presentations

The congress was held at the Sigmund Freud Private University in Vienna. About 100 participants were present from various countries.
According to the feedbacks of participants the congress was inspiring and a full success. It was a wish to get handouts oft he presentations and also to put them on the website of EAP to make them public.

Here they are: just click the name of the presentation that You wish to download.

Joachim Bauer: How the Social Neurosciences Add to our Understanding of the Psyche

Omar Gelo: Psychotherapy between Practice and Research

Chris Evans: How many ways can self-report change measurement help psychotherapy?
Learning from CORE

Linda Finlay: Exploring human experience through relational-centred qualitative

Volker Tschuschke: The Wrong Understanding of Evidence-Based Research in Psychotherapy: A Plea for intensive Process-Outcome Research in Naturalistic Studies

You can also download the posters presented at the conference:

Alicja Heyda et al.: Bond between Breath and Bodymind. Psycho-physiological, Endocrine and Immune Effects of Integrative Breathwork Psychotherapy in Breast Cancer Patients

Milena Karlinska-Nehrebecka et al: Polish version of CORE-OM as a reliable, valid,
clinically useful, user-friendly outcome measure

Outcome of the conference and how it goes on

This conference was planned as a start up conference to initiate further reserach among EAP institutions and practionners.
There will be four projects, that we will bring forward in the next months:

- Using CORE in practice and education of psychotherapists
- Qualitative Research: Getting instructions how to apply criteria for good qualitative research in case studies in psychotherapy practice and education
- Creating a naturalistic process-outcome study with multinational participation including a wide sprectrum of modalities
- creating models of simple outcome-process studies

For all these approaches there was interest shown at the end of the conference. We will keep You informed and invite You to next steps.

The SARC of EAP is maintaining a mailing list of research interested persons. Participants of the conference are listed there. If anyone else (that might have missed the conference) wants to join this list to get our mailings, please send a request to the Chair of SARC.

Peter Schulthess

Chair of the Science and Research Committee (SARC) in EAP

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