EAP Booklet available

May 17, 2019

The Marketing Group has been working on the EAP Psychotherapy Booklet which can be used when calling on politicians, mental health professionals, the legal profession and so forth.

The 20-page booklet has been designed to support and promote psychotherapy in Europe. Europe’s citizens deserve accessibility to quality assured psychotherapy. It also focuses on the adoption of the Psychotherapy Act by the European Union, thus granting the same professional standing as has been given to other professions in recent years.

It is available online as PDF or can be ordered via info@europsyche.org

Content by
Patricia Hunt, President of the European Association for Psychotherapy
Professor Theo Koutroubas, Professor Nevena Calovska
Renata Mizerska, Anne Colgan, Peter Schulthess

EAP Psychotherapy Booklet | PDF