Vol 23, No 1, March 2019

  • Editorial
    Courtenay Young
  • Letter to/from Editor
  • The Correlation between Plastic Surgery and Self-Esteem in Iranian Females
    Seyed Mahdi Mousavi, with Mojgan Beitaneh & Maryam Didehdar Ardebil
  • Effectiveness of Psycho-education and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Studentswith Symptoms of Depression and Low Adaptability Skills
    Josevy Avena-Taguibao
  • What Do They Really Think? A Qualitative Study of Group CBT and GroupInformation and Support for Depressed Adults
    Lucy Moore, Alan Carr, James McFadden, Greg O’Sullivan & Ellen Butler
  • Hypnotherapy for the Combination of Sleepwalking and Sleep Terrors in an Adult:A Case Report
    Hannu Lauerma
  • Clinical outcomes in the routine evaluation of psychotherapy given by trainees:Effects on clients’ inter-personal problems and psychological symptoms
    Helene Ybrandt, Kristina Berglund, Catharina Strid, Marie Kivi & Jens Knutsson
  • What is Psycho-Organic Analysis? A description of the therapeutic space between body and psyche
    Marc Tocquet

Book Reviews

  • Book Review 1:
    “Mindful Anger: A pathway to emotional freedom” by Andrea Brandt:
    Reviewed by Anne Colgan
  • Book Review 2:
    “8 Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder Workbook” by Carolyn Costin & Gwen Schubert Grabb
    Reviewed by Theo A. Cope
  • Book Review 3:
    “The Theory and Practice of Psychotherapy with Specific Disorders” by Max Hammer (Ed.)

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