Vol 23, No 2, July 2019

  • Editorial: A New ‘Look’ for the IJP
    Courtenay Young
  • From repeated impingement to cumulative trauma: A psychodynamic approach to the development of obsessional thinking – in some cases
    John O’Connor
  • Dependent Personality Disorder (DPD) & Treatment Response to Psychodynamic Therapy versus Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: A Case Study
    Rami Abukamil & Shibany P. Taormina
  • “Thinking Outside of the Box”: An unconventional intervention
    Avromi Deutch & Seymour Hoffman

Special On-Going Online Issue on Psychotherapy vs. Spirituality

  • Transpersonal Psychology as a Science
    Pier Luigi Lattuada
  • What is a Spiritual Psychotherapist?
    Courtenay Young

Book Reviews

  • Book Review 1:
    “Depression Delusion: Vol. 1” by Terry Lynch:
    Reviewed by Theo A. Cope
  • Book Review 2:
    “The Analysis of Failure: An investigation of failed cases in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy”
    by Arnold Goldberg
  • Book Review 3:
    “The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy – Engaging the Rhythm of Regulation”
    by Deb Dana, Reviewed by Ingrid Pirker-Binder
  • Book Review 4: “Boundaries, Power and Ethical Responsibility in Counselling and Psychotherapy”
    by Kirsten Amis, Reviewed by Bob Hunter

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