Recognition of professional qualifications in the EU

February 11, 2004

Dear psychotherapist,

On February 11th, 2004 the European Parliament voted for the implementation of the profession of psychotherapists to become a harmonized profession within the whole European Union (now 15 member countries, from May 1st, 2004 25 member countries).

The training basis shall be the guidelines of the European Certificate of Psychotherapy, they are implemented in the decision of the Parliament (see attachment). The current national law regulations in Austria, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Finland and Italy have been confirmed, but the directive goes beyond and shall enable psychotherapists in the future to work with the national diploma in all European Union countries.

The first step of the directive is done, now negotiations with the Council of Ministers and the European Commission will take place. The final directive can be expected in one to two years after a second vote of the European Parliament.

The Board of the European Association for Psychotherapy has worked for this goal for twelve years and will continue this work for the development of the professional psychotherapists and the protection of their clients.

Paul Boyesen, President EAP

Alfred Pritz, General Secretary EAP

Willy Szafran, ExternalRelations Officer of the EAP

Recognition of professional qualifications (pdf, 105,7 KB)
Text of the positive voting of the European Parliament