EAPTI Re-accreditation

Re-accreditation procedure of EAPTIs  (after 7 years)

  1. Re-accreditation process takes place after seven years from the accreditation.
    The Head Office will inform the EAPTI in advance about the time of the reaccreditation (key date is the date of initial accreditation as EAPTI) as well as relevant NAO/EWAO. If NAO or EWAO objects to the re-accreditation of an EAPTI the TAC may invite a representative from the EAPTI to take part in TAC meeting and respond on EWAO’s or NAO’s remarks.
  2. Each EAPTI that enters the re-accreditation procedure should fill in the Questionnaire for re-accreditation of EAPTIs, which should be sent to the EAP Head office, attn.: Daniela Renner, preferably by e-mail to eap.admin@europsyche.org or hard paper copy to the EAP Head office, Mariahilfer Straße 1d/3. Stock/Tür 13, 1060 Vienna – Austria to be forwarded to the Registrar.
  3. Registrar’s checks carefully the documents and if necessary asks for additional documents or clarification from EAPTI, after which Registrar comprise recommendation for re-accreditation to the TAC.
  4. At each TAC meeting, TAC members discuss the reaccreditation and decide by majority of votes.
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    1. In the case of positive evaluation EAPTI is informed by the Head office about successful re-accreditation process.
    2. In the case that TAC members do not vote for reaccreditation process due to: changes in the training program that are not in accordance with ECP training level or involvement of EAPTI in the ethical or legal problems that seriously compromise the functioning of EAPTI, the representative of EAPTI could be invited to attend the next TAC meeting.
    3. After the meeting with EAPTI’s representative TAC members decide on acceptance of reaccreditation or withdrawal of EAPTI’s status or reaccrediting institute with certain conditions to be fulfilled within agreed and realistic period of time.
    4. In the case of conditional reaccreditation Registrar follows the fulfilment of conditions while EAPTI regularly informs Registrar and TAC of the achieved progress. If conditions are achieved within the agreed time the conditional reaccreditation automatically becomes full reaccreditation.


EAPTI Re-accreditation – Procedure (pdf, 308 KB)
EAPTI Re-accreditation – Questionaire (.docx, 295 KB)


Psychotherapists are required to engage in extensive personal psychotherapy during their training which is up to seven years duration. Psychotherapists usually have a first degree followed by a professional, highly specialised, theoretical and clinical training which includes research methodology and continuous professional development. The EAP promotes the recognition of common standards of training throughout Europe, and will ensure their mobility across member states.