Emotional and mental
wellbeing is a human right.

A message from newly elected EAP President Irena Bezic, PhD

Dear EAP Members, dear Visitors,

Psychotherapy is a growing profession of our time. There are crisis all around the world, people are moving from old safety to new uncertainty, old values are changing and orientation in this endangered world is scarce.

Psychotherapy is offering support for mental issues arising from existential fear, distress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and other very common mental states.

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UUP and EAP Joint Online Symposiums:

Ukrainian and European Psychotherapy Alliance Fifth Symposium – Friday June 14th 2024 – “Relationships in the Time of War”

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UUP and EAP Joint Online Symposium – “The Tragedy of Childhood in the Time of War.” (Friday February 23rd 2024)

UUP and EAP Joint Online Symposium Video Recordings

“The Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma and Recovery from Trauma” (Friday 17 November 2023)

UUP and EAP Symposium Video Recordings

“New Challenges for Psychotherapists” (Friday June 16th 2023)

UUP and EAP Symposium Video Recordings

‘Ethical Challenges for Psychotherapists in our Changing World’ (24 February 2023)

UUP and EAP Symposium Video Recordings


“An interview with EAP President Irena Bezic about the second joint UUA – EAP Symposium “New Challenges for Psychotherapists.”
on 16 June 2023

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‘Ukrainians are standing up for the highest principles of humanity.’ (An interview with EAP Former President Patricia Hunt FRSA)

On the eve of the joint USP and EAP Symposium on Ethics on Friday February 24th 2023, EAP President Patricia Hunt met with Ukrainian journalists for an interview.

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EAP 30th Anniversary Congress March 2022

We are delighted to offer video recordings from some of the Congress presentations.

EAP Congress Video Recordings

The vision of The European Association for Psychotherapy is of the continent of Europe being a place in which emotional and mental wellbeing is a human right.

The European Association of Psychotherapy aims to make highly professional, high quality Psychotherapy available to those who need it in EU and non-EU countries alike.

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The Psychotherapy Act

The Psychotherapy Act encompasses all the professional actions, i.e autonomous interdisciplinary, relationship-based and evidence-informed psychotherapeutic methods, for the treatment of psychological, psycho-social and psycho-somatic disorders and diffculties.

Psychotheraphy Act | more information   About EAP | more information

Online Education/CPD

We partnered with PESI UK, the largest psychotherapy online education provider in Europe, to bring you the very best and latest continuing professional development (CPD), education, and events across psychotherapy topics and modalities. All EAP members, ECP holders registered with EAP, and students of EAPTI’s are entitled to a special EAP 15% discount off.

More Information   PESI UK

International Journal for Psychotherapy (IJP)

The IJP is a peer-reviewed, scientific journal; it is published three times a year by the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP). For further information please go to the website of the International Journal of Psychotherapy (IJP).

International Journal of Psychotherapy (IJP) | ijp.org.uk

Approaches in Psychotherapy

The term Psychotherapy covers a range of approaches and methods. They all involve a psychological (as distinct from medical or pharmacological) treatment for a range of psychological, emotional and relationship difficulties and disorders. Each approach is based on a well-established body of theory, methodology and research, grounded in a philosophy of person and the human condition.

Find a certified therapist | European Register of ECP Holders

The European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP) is an European wide standard for psychotherapy education and training. It ensures equal standards of education and training across Europe. The ECP is awarded by EAP on application to psychotherapists who’s psychotherapy education conforms to the ECP standard.
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