EAPTI Training Abroad

Notification by the EAPTI of the training activity outside of EAPTI’s central location

This “Notification by the EAPTI of the training activity outside of EAPTI’s central location (training abroad)” is for already accredited EAPTIs that are having training activities abroad which applies to training activities outside the country where the training program and main trainers are exactly identical – delivering the same training as in the headquarter of the institute.

If these requirements are fulfilled, the EAPTI has to obtain acceptance of local NAO (=> Notification Form for Training Abroad), then Direct Award of ECP applications for this training activity aboard is possible as well.

Please note: If the EAPTI has a “branch abroad” where the training conducted abroad does not have exactly the same training program and/or the main trainers are not the same as in the headquarter of the Institute, the branch has to go through the EAPTI accreditation process as well.

Training Abroad – Notification for EAPTI (pdf, 70,3 KB)


Psychotherapists are required to engage in extensive personal psychotherapy during their training which is up to seven years duration. Psychotherapists usually have a first degree followed by a professional, highly specialised, theoretical and clinical training which includes research methodology and continuous professional development. The EAP promotes the recognition of common standards of training throughout Europe, and will ensure their mobility across member states.