TAC International Experts

Accreditation of Training Institutes for the status of EAPTI

Pool of International Experts of the TAC

The Training Accreditation Committee (TAC) of EAP has established the Pool of International Experts that takes an important and active role in accreditation of training institutes as EAPTIs.

The Pool of International Experts consists of experts in different modalities of psychotherapy from different European countries. The main task of experts is to evaluate the application documents and conduct the scrutinizing visit to the applying institute based on which they will provide the TAC with the report and recommendations.

The Pool of International Experts consists of 6 permanent members of the TAC, appointed by the EAP Board, and no more than:
3 experts from each modality and 3 experts from each country.

Permanent members of the TAC (Training Accrediting Committee):

  • Ivana Slavkovic – Chair – (Psychodrama/head office) ==> Serbia
  • Celia Scanlan (psychodrama/EWOC) ==> UK
  • Nevena Calovska-Herzog (family therapy/EWOC) ==> Serbia
  • Irena Bezic (NUOC/Gestalt) ==> Croatia
  • Joseph Knobel Freud (NUOC/psychoanalysis) ==> Spain
  • Tom Warnecke (EAP head office/body psychotherapy) ==> UK

Elected experts nominated by NAOs and/or EWAOs:

  • Isabelle Crespelle (TA) ==> France
  • Elisabeth Kremer (person centered psychother.) ==> France
  • Tan Nguyen (psychosynthesis) ==> France
  • Tom Ormay (psychoanalysis) ==> Hungary
  • Gianni Francesetti (Gestalt/NUOC) ==> Italy
  • Alain Moenaert (NLPt) ==> Belgium
  • Mark Widdowson (EATA) ==> United Kingdom
  • Ester Neumanova (EAGT) ==> Czech Republic
  • Barbara Fitzgerald (ECPP/psychoanalysis) => Ireland
  • Panos Asimakis (NOPG/integrative) => Greece
  • Philippe Vrancken (EAIP/integrative) => Belgium
  • Jerzy Dmuchowsky (EAIP /integrative) => Poland
  • Joanna Hewitt-Evans (EAIP/integrative) => UK
  • Marina Banic (EATA/TA) => Serbia
  • Slavica Gajdadzis-Knezevic (EFTA/family) => North Macedonia
  • Willi Roes (PCE Europe/person-centred) => Germany
  • Janos Harmatta (psychoanalysis/psychodrama) ==> Hungary
  • Charles Sasse (psychoanalysis/head office) ==> Belgium
  • Enver Cesko (EABP/body psychotherapy) ==> Kosovo
  • Zofia Milska-Wrzosinska (ECPP/psychoanalysis) ==> Poland
  • Eugenijus Laurinaitis (LPS/ECPP/psychoanalysis) ==> Lithuania

Pool of Experts includes: 27 experts
from 16 different countries & 10 modalities.

TAC International Experts (pdf, 109 KB)


Psychotherapists are required to engage in extensive personal psychotherapy during their training which is up to seven years duration. Psychotherapists usually have a first degree followed by a professional, highly specialised, theoretical and clinical training which includes research methodology and continuous professional development. The EAP promotes the recognition of common standards of training throughout Europe, and will ensure their mobility across member states.