To Ukrainian colleagues

March 7, 2022

Dear Alexander, dear Ukrainian Colleagues,

I am writing this important message to you in reply to your Statement to EAP. Please Alexander share this message with your colleagues.

As EAP President I apologise most sincerely to all Ukrainian Psychotherapists and to UUAP.

As EAP President I support all Ukrainian Psychotherapists and I have responded to your reactions.   I have acted decisively and the situation has now been corrected.  No free tickets are possible for Russian Psychotherapists.

The only free tickets are for Ukrainian Psychotherapists.

 I apologise to you dear Ukrainian colleagues for the distress that this has caused you.

 I call on our Colleagues in UUAP to remain in EAP.  EAP is a strong organisation with strong bridges between the different parts of our organisation.  As EAP President I support Ukrainian Psychotherapists at this terrible time, and EAP is in support of you.

I send to you all heartfelt good wishes and hopes for your safety, dear colleagues in Ukraine.

With cordial greetings,

President Patricia Hunt

European Association for Psychotherapy

Chair of EAP 30th Anniversary Congress